we see kids for free!

As children are entitled to free dental care there is no charge to see the dentist for children, kids and young adults below the age of 18 years

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Tips For Parents

The first thing you need to do is to keep all talk of the dentist positive. If your child overhears you complaining about your own dental visits, they can pick up this behaviour and attitude and it will make it harder when it comes time for them to go, too. When it is their turn, keep up the positivity. Avoid words such as 'hurt', 'needle', and 'drill', and let them know that the dentist just wants to take a look and make sure everything is growing as it should.

You may be able to find a storybook or a video (you Tube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO90pd3apWc about a dentist so that your child can relate to it and see images of the chair, room and lights so that he or she knows what to expect. We recommend 'playing dentist' at home to get your child used to someone looking at his or her teeth. This might only involve taking turns to put on sunglasses, shine a light into the mouth, and counting the teeth, but it will all make your young one feel more comfortable during the real thing.

Bringing toys along to the appointment can also be a huge help, so don't forget to throw a couple of their favourite distractions in the bag just in case they become upset. Some fussing during this appointment is nothing to worry about, but if your child is truly unhappy and can't be calmed down, simply remove them from the situation and try again in a few months.